Imatge del Moianès

Places to visit within the Ecomuseum


El Roquer
EL RENTADOR DEL ROQUER (Roquer wool washing place)

El Roquer is a singular building located behind the last industrial premises of the El Vapor industrial estate, on the other side of the Fontscalents stream. People could wash wool or their clothes here, as if it were a washhouse.

It is a beautiful building. Inside it there is a long stone table behind of which there is a 10-metre stone bench leaning inwards, where the water flowed and people could wash wool or their clothes as if it were a long washbasin.
In fact, there are two separate water canals where the dirty or shorn wool was washed under the constant stream of water. One of them was kept full of water in order to soften the wool whereas in the other, a quick stream of water washed it. At the back, there are also the remains of a fireplace, most certainly used for heating the water. Next to it, there is a sink built in the rock where hot water was kept for washing the wool and later, in the 20th century, for washing the clothes.
There is a staircase which leads to the upper part of the vault, which is tiled. They used it for taking up the baskets of wool to be dried out.

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Poues de la Ginebreda

Singularly, Castellterçol was the town which best organized ice production and trading, and nowadays, it still has the highest number of ice wells, pools, loaders, etc.

Among them is the Ginebreda ice well, recently restored, which belongs to the Ecomuseum project. In this branch, we can learn what an ice well was like, the way it worked and the way ice was marketed or we can discover a large number of singular ice wells or visit the chapel of the only guild of ice well workers that has ever existed in Catalonia, the chapel of Sant Gaietà.

People used to keep the ice and the snow in the ice wells in winter and closer to spring, they took it to the city in carts. The ice was used for several purposes: medical, gastronomic and curative. The main customers of ice wells were fishmonger’s shops, hospitals, chemist’s shops and ice cream manufacturers. The manufacturing industry created around the well employed a large number of workers in the winter season, when agricultural work and ice well employment added up. In the region of Moianès there are about fifty ice wells and, despite not being currently in use, their restoration is of great archaeological interest.
In Castellterçol you can enter an ice well, at the Ginebreda ice wells. Do not miss it!. 

In order to arrange visits:
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