Imatge del Moianès

Local produce - Tasta'm (try me)

Local produce - Tasta'm” (“try me”)

The agro-food production is gaining in importance in the Moianès region, ranging from agricultural and livestock holdings which produce veal, pork, poultry - conventional or organic - to a long tradition of butchers, bakers, confectioners, chocolate and cheese makers, manufacturers of products derived from soya, including distributors and restaurant owners specialised in these high quality ingredients.

In the last years, the brand El Moianès ve de gust - created by Consorci del Moianès – has helped turn the local produce and the dishes cooked with them into an important tourist element and an economic catalyst for towns and villages in the Moianès region. The campaign Tasta’m (“try me”) has been designed based on this high quality produce.

Tasta'm is a way of getting to know the Moianès produce more and better.
Tasta'm is a service for the agricultural producers and the food industry workers.
Tasta'm is a way of understanding the relationship between the producer and the consumer.
Tasta'm Is a framework for placing high quality produce on the gastronomic map.
Tasta'm is an experience that captures you and gives you a taste of Moianès
Tasta'm is a campaign promoted by Consorci del Moianès.