Imatge del Moianès

Places of interest


Castell de la Popa
Castell de la Popa
The castle of Castellcir, also called de la Popa due to its silhouette, which reminds the stern of a ship (popa, in Catalan), dates from the 12th century. Although it is currently in ruins, it is a spectacular and interesting site; it is situated on top of an enormous rock.
Strategically placed at the foot of the castle, there is the Torrassa del Moros, the watchtower for the safety of the lords of the castle.
El Roure del Giol
Monumental Oak.
Església de Sant Andreu
Sant Andreu Church
The old church or the church of Sant Andreu is situated beside the Castellcir brook and there are written references to it which date back to the year 939. It is a church with basilican plan and a well-preserved apse.
Església de Santa Maria
Santa Maria Church
The new church or the church of Santa Maria (1962) is a functional building with a singular belfry and a large polychrome stained glass window. A beautiful alabaster image of the Virgin and Child holding a bird dominates the church. It is a piece of great beauty, probably dating from the second half of the 15th century.
Beside the Fontscalents brook, there is Esplugues, a troglodytic dwelling built under a rock shelter. The site is completed by a shed, where exhibitions are held, and the Romanesque bridge dating from the 12th century.
It currently houses the branch of the Ecomuseu del Moianès (the Ecomuseum of the region of Moianès), the thematic field of which focuses on the exploitation of forest natural resources such as wood, coal, medicinal plants, as well as on the way of life in a country house in the region of Moianès until recently: the self-sufficiency of the house, its rooms...
Santa Coloma Sasserra
Santa Coloma Sasserra
The Santa Coloma parish was made up of about fifteen country houses. Around the middle of the 19th century, it became part of the Sant Andreu de Castellcir parish. It is made up of the church, dating from the 11th century, which includes Mas Giol and the graveyard on the other side; a beautiful meadow with a monumental oak, a stone cross and a big vicarage on the other side of the meadow. Further west there is an oak grove.