Imatge del Moianès

Places of interest

Monistrol de Calders

Barraca de vinya
Dry stone huts
There are over 500 throughout the municipality. They are countryside structures built using the dry stone technique. Strolling around the fields, we can see different constructions which were made using this system: huts, torrent and stream canalization works, dry stone walling, vineyard terraces, etc.
Dolmen del Pla de Trullàs
Dolmen and Viewpoint of Pla de Trullàs
These are the oldest remains in the municipal district of Monistrol. It is a simple chamber megalith of considerable size compared to the other megaliths found in the region. This type of tomb dates back to the Age of Bronze, approximately between 2000 and 1500 BC. It was restored in 2005.
To reach the Viewpoint and the Dolmen, we can take the road to Granera or to the development Masia del Solà. The Viewpoint affords a superb panoramic view of la Mola, the Pyrenees and the Marfà Valley.
Els Gorgs blaus
Els Gorgs Blaus (The Blue Pools)
One of the most impressive landscapes of Monistrol. It is a large defile formed by the Golarda stream crossing a bank of conglomerate rock that acquires blue shades in the sunlight. On the eastern side it forms a cliff of about 40 metres high. In the northern part, there are some sinuous pools where the stream flows on forming whirlpools.
Església de Sant Feliu
Sant Feliu parish church
There are written references to the Sant Feliu church dating back to 1105, but the current building was constructed in the 18th century. The architectural style of the church is of Baroque influence. Its most remarkable elements are the Romanesque apse, the façade and the belfry, which is built over the right nave and has a balustrade on its top with a typically Baroque coping.
Molí d'en Sala
Sala’s Mill
It is the best example of a flour mill that has been preserved in the municipal area of Monistrol. It is consists of two pools with their corresponding canals, the former mill and, further up, a second mill smaller in size.
Parc del Serrat
El Serrat Park
As its name indicates (in Catalan serrat means “hillock”), it is located on top of a hillock which rises at the back of the village. From the park we will be able to contemplate views of the whole area and the stream of Sant Joan.
Recently remodelled, there are dry stone walls, benches, tables, drinking fountains, a circuit of fitness, a dry stone and a monument dedicated to past and current Monistrol stonemasons.
On one side of the park there is Kubala’s Corner, as a reminder of the mythical footballer’s stay in Monistrol.