Imatge del Moianès

Places of interest

Sant Quirze Safaja

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The Monumental Beech Tree
It is an impressive hundred-year-old tree measuring over 40 metres high which rises on the riverbank, in the middle of the village. It is known as "the lovers’ tree". Beyond the beech tree there is a path lined with poplars which leads to the shelter cave of the mill.
El Parc de l'Aigua
The Water Park
It is the park around the lake. Riverbank trees have been planted and benches, a drinking fountain and a children’s playground have been provided.
Església parroquial
The Parish Church
It is located at the end of "la Mola". Documented from 1054, it preserves an 11th century beautiful apse from the Romanesque temple. Later on, chapels were added and the central nave was renovated, and between 1670 and 1677, a solid and slender eight-storey bell tower was built.
The church still keeps an old image of Our Lady of the Rosary, an old processional cross and a relief of the Pietà by Frederic Marés, and in the portico that opens to the temple, there still is a baptismal font dating from the late Romanesque period.
La Bauma de l'Espluga
L'Espluga Shelter Cave
It is a spectacular shelter cave of large size where prehistoric people once lived. The water of l’Espluga Torrent flows right in the middle of it, forming a waterfall, and stagnates in a little pool.
Pujada de Màrius Torres
Pujada de Màrius Torres (Màrius Torres rise) and historic centre
The Màrius Torres rise commemorates the life of the Lleida poet, who chose this village to die and as a burial place. It is a cobbled path which runs from the town hall to the church and is lined with small gardens where there are slabs with texts by the poet. The path, which affords views of the valley of the Tenes river, goes up the cliff and leads to the High Street, the Main Square and the Parish Church, dedicated to the martyrs Saint Quirze and Saint Julita.
Sant Miquel del Fai
Sant Miquel del Fai
Natural area admired for its history, for its chapel built in the rock, for its hidden caves and its two of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country.