Imatge del Moianès

Routes and itineraries of interest

The Moianès region, a traditional hiking destination, has a wide network of trails clearly signposted which allow you to choose among different level itineraries. You can decide on either a half-day walk or one or two-day routes.

Hiking, biking or horse riding, you can visit many interesting places, the oak forests of Collsuspina and Santa Coloma de Sasserra, the small beech forest of Sauva negre of Castellcir, the chapel of Sant Cugat de Gavadons in Collsuspina or the chapel of Sant Llogari and Sant Julià d’Uixols in Castellterçol, the viewpoint of Pla de Trullars in Monistrol de Calders, or the Puig Rodó viewpoint in Moià, the river pool of Gorgs Blaus in Monistrol de Calders, the stream of Perer in the municipal district
of Moià, Sala’s Mill in Monistrol de Calders, etc.

The smooth relief of the Moianès region provides different trails which join most of the towns by foot. There are some popular routes between l’Estany, Collsuspina, Moià, Castellcir, Sant Quirze Safaja and Castellterçol or between Calders, Monistrol de Calders, Granera and Castellterçol.

The uninitiated are offered a wide variety of outdoor guided activities which range from hiking, equestrian tourism, biking, horse riding, flying classes to courses on how to fly ultra-light aircrafts.