Imatge del Moianès

Tourist services

The region of Moianès, located between the regions of Bages, Osona and Vallès Oriental, offers a wide range of accommodation. Besides this, its gastronomy, culture, landscape and hospitality of its inhabitants will make your stay unforgettable.

        • Rural accommodation, hotels, apartments, summer camps ... all these options offer personality, quality and an excellent service. And no matter what accommodation you choose, in any part of the region, you will be pleased by its peacefulness, friendly atmosphere and direct contact with nature and the rural world.

        • Talking about the Moianès region involves talking about its cuisine, as a reflection of a landscape that provides high quality raw ingredients. Sourced from agriculture and livestock, fruits of the forest or game and organic products, tasty and original dishes are elaborated, such as mixed mushrooms, meats, cold meats, cheeses... and of course, the typical baiaton (mashed potatoes and cabbage with streaky bacon).

        • In the Moianès region, you can also find sports and adventure, motor sports, culture or tranquillity. You can ride a horse, ride a bike or hike; take jumping and dressage lessons; enjoy the landscape from the sky by ultralight plane; play golf, do super cross, motocross or trial in the circuit verd; take some educational and leisure activities; delve deep into prehistory, follow the Moianès hiking trail (Ronda del Moianès); discover where Enric Prat de la Riba and Rafael Casanova or the Agustinian monks lived... You can enjoy these and other activities in the Moianès region, an area with fantastic natural surroundings.

"Moianès captures you, bit by bit. Because it has everything, it is open to the four winds and the horizon is bright. It’s a land of intense flavours". (Pep Palau – gastronome)

Moianès captures you !!!