Imatge del Moianès



An old town of outstanding beauty surrounded by an impressive oak wood

Collsuspina, more specifically the Pollosa mountain pass at 918 m, is the normal crossing between the regions of Moianès and Osona. The municipal district of Collsuspina is essentially mountainous and rises above 1,000 m in Sant Cugat de Gavadons, while the village is situated at an altitude of over 900 metres above sea level.

The village takes its name from l’Espina, a country house belonging to former owners of most of the area. The village developed at the foot of the Pollosa mountain pass in a flat spot. Collsuspina is made up of the old town and two small districts, Picanyol and the small cottages, as well as about 20 country houses.

Within the district of Collsuspina, before reaching Sant Cugat de Gavadons, a diversion takes to the source of the Congost river.
Thanks to the cool, rainy climate, we can find one of the most beautiful areas of native oak vegetation of the country, the Casanoves wood, and green meadows.