Imatge del Moianès

Sant Quirze Safaja


A stroll through poetry and nature

Sant Quirze Safaja is the southernmost village of the region of Moianès. It is an atypical village, since it does not have a town centre, except for the parish church, situated on top of a scarp called La Mola, and the High Street (Carrer Major), with its terraced houses.
The name Safaja seems to derive from the word fai, which means “fault”, probably referring to this geographic formation.

The natural environment is so fragile and subtle, that the village has not grown beyond the limits of the only street. The rest of the houses are spread around the municipality in different developments. Due to this distribution, the forest is present everywhere. Different torrents and brooks as well as the Tenes river go through the municipal area.

Nature is therefore the main heritage of the village: exuberant nature which has drawn comparisons such as: it’s like a "little Switzerland”, as some authors have remarked.

The four elements of nature come together in Sant Quirze to create a spectacular landscape: the water, which sculpts fanciful shapes in the rocks; the earth, which gives life to wild vegetation; the fresh air, which takes your breath; and the fire, which kept our prehistoric ancestors warm.