Imatge del Moianès

The Country, towns and villages of Moianès


Moianès is a natural area located at the end of three regions: the Bages, Osona and Vallès Oriental, forming a plateau with an altitude above sea level ranges between 600 and 900 meters.

It comprises ten municipalities: Calders, L’Estany, Moiá , Monistrol Calders and Santa Maria d'Oló belonging administratively to Bages. Castellcir, Castellterçol, Granera and St. Quirze Safaja belonging Vallès Oriental and Collsuspina belonging to the county Osona.

The ten villages of Moianès are characterized by being part of a territory with geographical features, historical and socio-economic characteristics of homogeneous nature and yet very different from their own administrative regions.

All municipalities Moianès have a common trait; they are far from their own county capitals. Between 25-35 km. each, which together with a range of public transport deficit, implies mobility difficult for municipalities to the respective capital.


Moianès occupies an area of 335.19 km2.

The peoples of Moianès are characterized by to be villages of small size but with a summer tradition deeply rooted, thanks to its good weather and its strategic location with respect to major cities. Thus, the number of population doubles on weekends and summer as a result of the large number of second homes in Moianès.

Apart from this summer tradition in the past decade the population of Moianès surge in approximately 16%, due mainly to the transformation of the first and second homes in the arrival of newcomers attracted by a better quality of life.

Moreover municipalities that comprise Moianès are characterized by a similar socio-economic structure has undergone a major transformation. Thus, if until the mid nineteenth century we can say that the main economic activity was agriculture and the textile industry, from the 70 's, the root ongoing crisis textiles and weight loss in agriculture economics Moianès begins to tertiary.
So there was an increase in the population of second homes and tourism attracted by step nature, quality of life and family tradition passed on holidays and summer periods in territory. This factor contributed to develop and boost the economy of the people, particularly local economy, allowing the tertiary sector of the economy with the growth of the service sector. The large latent value in this group was emerging enhancing the endogenous resources and tourism in the region. It then began to promote the great value elements of the territory: landscape, nature, culture, food crafts, etc, ... In short, committed to sustainable development of the territory based on a model where different sectors converge economic and pursuing policies that promote and stimulate emerging sectors defined as ( tourist services , personal services , food and environmental) .

Moianès, one fact local enough to move over there in an hour from the metropolitan area and far enough away to not be massively and not miss the principal values that characterize, i.e., its environment and quality of life.