Imatge del Moianès

Branches of the Ecomuseum

The Moianès Ecomuseum groups the 10 towns. The aim of this project is to offer, from the 10 museum branches or theme museums, more than 100 places to be visited related to the pre-industrial activities, all unique and typical of the Moianès: ice wells, lime kilns, wells, quarries, tile factories, vats, coal bunkers, paths, etc. and also their contribution towards modern industrialization. The central part of the Moianès Ecomuseum project is the diffusion and restoration of the heritage of the region.

The organisation of routes, exhibitions, meetings, research, museumized spaces, the publication of guidebooks and other written material make it possible to show the values on which this project is based. Likewise, the diffusion of the heritage also fosters a new choice of cultural tourist activities and increases and complements the assets for this ambitious territorial project. A project for a unique area with its own well-defined features.

As a whole, the Ecomuseum thematic strand is looking back at the past, on the 18th and 19th century Moianès, to observe and learn about their lifestyle, their ways and means of producing; in other words, their everyday way of life.