Imatge del Moianès

Places to visit within the Ecomuseum



Beside the Fontscalents brook, there is Esplugues, a troglodytic dwelling built under a rock shelter. It currently houses the branch of the Ecomuseum, the thematic field of which focuses on the exploitation of forest natural resources, as well as on the self-sufficiency of a country house.

Esplugues is a very special construction, unique in the region of Moianès. The house is built under a rock shelter which serves as a roof, dating from the troglodytic period. The construction consists of a ground floor and two more storeys. It was inhabited until the end of 2002. It is completed by a shed and a Romanesque bridge dating from the 11th century.

The restored shed is the meeting point for visitors, which includes a reception, toilets and a multipurpose hall for exhibitions, concerts and other activities related to the Ecomuseum.

The Esplugues house is located at the south-western end of the municipality of Castellcir. To reach it we can take the road BV-1310 up to kilometre 3.8, and then a track on the left. Following the track through red pine and oak woods, we reach the Fontscalents brook (1.9 km), and on the other side of the stream you can see the Esplugues house. It is recommended to leave the car in the Quintana car park and go on foot (30 minutes).

In order to arrange visits:
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